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Lady Mel’s Vintage/Boho/SteamPunk Boudoir Photo shoot – Johannesburg Boudoir Photographer

Lady Mel is  friend of mine, a wonderful, expressive, free spirit. We had an absolute blast with all the lingerie, costumes, hats and accessories. One of my most creative and fun boudoir shoots to date, actually one of my most favourite boudoir shoots to date.

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Boudoir Photography by Bronwyn

Dharpana’s Magical 40th Birthday Party – Alice In Wonderland – Johannesburg Event Photographer

Dharpana 40th Birthday Party

Beautiful Dharpana celebrated her 40th birthday in style with a magical Alice in wonderland themed party in the private suite at The Rich Grill in Bedfordview. it was a playful but glamorous affair. The decor was out of this world, there was so much attention to detail, it was a real treat. Dharps, as her friends and family call her, was positively glowing and looked absolutely gorgeous, I must tell you, I fell in love with her dress, it had a certain Alice in Wonderland charm to it, perfectly suited for the evening. Dharps is very much loved and adored by all those close to her, and its not hard to see why, she is really lovely, warm and charming. I really enjoyed capturing this most spectacular 40th party

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1950’s Retro Family Photo shoot – Johannesburg Family Photographer

1950's editorial Family shoot

Capturing an unusual family can be a tricky task for even the most seasoned photographer. When you have a bearded tattoo artist, a pin up obsessed writer and their creatively unique 8 year old, you need a photographer with vision. That is exactly what we got when we sat down with Bron to discuss our unusual, family shoot.

You need to understand, we have never had a family shoot done. Not counting the one quick shot captured by the same photographer at our son’s 6th birthday party, two years earlier. So, this was a big deal for us. To make things even more challenging, we are in the process of relocating and hardly get to spend quality time together. So, merging a fun family outing with an interesting shoot was essential. That’s where Bron’s amazing idea came in! Being mildly obsessive about all things bizarrely beautiful, I wanted something that not only captured my little family, but raised questions (and eyebrows) as well. The idea of having a vintage 50’s inspired family shoot in the cemetery hit the nail on the head!

From the get go, I left the concept and shoot ideas to Bron and I handled the wardrobe and makeup bits myself. What she came up with was not only thought provoking, but exceptionally beautiful as well! That is exactly what anyone wants from a photoshoot, thought provoking, mildly creepy but still gorgeous to look at! With the help of Penny who smoothed dresses, fixed suspenders and entertained Riley during intervals, we had an exceptional team! Everything from making sure that my eyelashes stayed put, to coaxing our son into somber poses was covered! Which made it so much fun for us to have our 15 seconds of fame in front of the camera!

The femme fatale meets Dexter dad shots, coupled with our sullen Sheriff made for visually delightful images that we are all so pleased with! Although the shoot was over really quickly (or we were just having too much fun), we have a collection of stunning images to get framed for our new home!

I couldn’t think of a photographer who captured my family better than Bronwyn did. She made us all look so much better than we do in “real” life, and created memories that we can enjoy forever!

Written from my clients perspective, thank you Cashe. 

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Belinda & Graeme’s 10th Wedding Anniversary Shoot – Johannesburg Family Photographer

Here is a preview image from Belinda, Graeme and kids 10th wedding anniversary shoot, that we did 3 weeks ago at Reefsteamers. It was a super awesome shoot, so much so that we ended up ended up shooting for almost 3 hours, and long after the sun went down.

Belinda. Graeam and Kids anniversary shoot shoot

Erin & Dawie’s Farewell Photo Shoot – Johannesburg Couples Photographer

One from Erin & Dawie’s shoot in the big city. This was a farewell shoot of sorts, as they have emigrated to Australia. They have been long time, awesome clients of mine, and I’ve loved spending time with them. I wish them nothing but happiness, and success as they embark on the next, very exciting chapter in their lives. I’m going to miss you guys xxxx

Couples photography by Bronwyn

Dhiya’s Bohemian Photo Shoot – Johannesburg Portrait Photographer

Lovely Dhiya – we had such a good time, this was such an amazing shoot for many reasons, but for Dhiya it was a new beginning, having come out of a long term relationship, with her confidence at an all time low. Dhiya needed something to help lift her spirits, to remind her how beautiful she is, and so she did a photo shoot just for herself, and she loved it, and I loved it, and we made pretty pictures.

Woman's Photography By Bronwyn


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Favourite Weddings – South Africa Wedding Photographer

I don’t market myself actively as a wedding photographer, but every year I get to do at least 5 weddings, all through word of mouth or clients that simply love my style and are very insistent on me photographing their special day, despite the fact that I don’t specialise in wedding photography.  This year I  actually did fewer weddings than previous years, but enjoyed them so much more, and I must say that they were definitely my most favourite weddings to date.


Pretoria WEdding Photographer Tarryn and Pieter’s Wedding

First was Pieter & Tarryn’s wedding  on the 3 May 2014 and was held at The Bosveld Boma in Pretoria. The theme was 1920’s inspired and a completely DIY wedding. Tarryn  did a splendid job, with the help of family and friends of course.   The decor was vintage gorgeousness and very elegant,  and the venue was just perfect for what she had in mind. My favourite part of the whole day was  doing Pieter and Tarryn’s couple shoot, they were so accommodating with all my ideas, and they  killed it. I also did Tarryn’s Pin-Up shoot as her wedding gift to Pieter, and needles to say, that little black album is his pride and joy.


Clarens Wedding Photogrpaher Bronwyn Stewart Letitia and Renier’s Wedding

Second was Renier & Letitia’s wedding on the 11 October 2014, and it was held at The Gourmet Shed in Clarens. The style was vintage, with so many personal touches. The weather was definitely  something to behold, the was rain, lots of it, there was hail, wind and I think it almost snowed. The landscape was breath taking after the heavy rains and hail,  so we moved quickly as we only had about half an hour of shoot time, before the heavens opened up, and we got the shots. Beautiful wedding, gorgeous location.


Magaliesburg wedding Photographer Ross & Claire’s Wedding

Ross and Claire’s Wedding

The third wedding was Ross and Claire’s wedding, which took place at Ross Folks country resort in Magaliesburg, it was  another wonderful DIY wedding, very chilled,with loads of fun and games,  a wonderful bonfire,   and lots of happy, shiny people. Claire and Ross opted for live bands instead of DJ’s and the fabulous Late Night Fox, played a killer set, they really are damn good. I had such an amazing time shooting this wedding, and spent the best time with this amazing couple.

To love and be loved in return is one of the greatest gifts.

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John and Annalisa’s Vintage Themed Maternity Shoot | Johannesburg Maternity Photographer

A 1930’s/40’s inspired maternity photo shoot, done in two parts, the fist half was shared with John and Annalisa’s son, Luca, the second half was just mom and dad. We used Reefsteamers in Germiston to shoot the vintage styled photo shoot, which was perfect for what John and Annalisa had in mind.  I’m really happy with how the shoot turned out, and John and Annalisa LOVE their photos, and the fact that it was a unique maternity photo shoot.

Vintage styled Maternity Photography by Bronwyn Stewart John and Annalisa Vintage styled Maternity Shoot


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Lady G’s French Vintage Boudoir Shoot- Johannesburg Boudoir Photographer

I did this wonderful boudoir shoot a little while ago at Lady G’s house.  It had a very French boho, vintage feel to it and Lady G rocked it.  She didn’t have loads of lingerie, just three well chosen pieces, so there again,ladies, you don’t need to fork out loads of cash, to do your boudoir shoot, just few really beautiful pieces, that make you feel like a goddess and that fit you really well, that’s rather important, that it fits well and flatters your body shape.

Then You also really don’t need  a fancy house to do your shoot in, Lady G, lives in a townhouse complex, and we just made it work.  This is one of my all time favourite  boudoir sessions.

Lady G French Vintage Boudoir shoot Johannesburg Beautiful Lady G Vintage Boudoir session


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Zoe’s Flower Child themed 21st Birthday Party – Fourways Event Photographer

Zoe celebrated her 21st Birthday party at Blanford Manor in Northriding, a quint little country venue in the North of Joburg. The venue looked stunning and so did Zoe.   Zoe’s birthday lunch was held outdoors, and it was a 60’s flower child themed party, it was a very chilled  afternoon with special friends and family.

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Photography by Bronwyn Stewart


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