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1st NOVEMBER 2014

Magaliesburg Wedding Photographer

This is a wedding post of an extraordinary couple, Ross & Claire, honestly, two of the most amazing people I know. Their wedding was definitely one of my  favourites, for so many reasons, but mostly because they are just so sincere, chilled and so damn AWESOME!

This is their story, courtesy of Claire

‘When I was in  grade 2 my first Memory of My Husband Ross was quite special.

We went on a school trip on a bus somewhere. For the girls we would stop to use the ladies room but for the boys if they had ” to go” they could just pull out their pistols almost anywhere. All us ladies are green with envy at this convenient phenomena.

On that day in 1990 there was a row of boys doing just that against the side of the bus. My guy Ross happened to be just directly underneath my window. I regrettably poked my head and eyes to have a looksee, to really understand what was going on and at the same time learnt that all women would want to be able to do the same at some point of their lives…. slash and go.

Our Invite to the wedding was based on this memory. It doesn’t show an upset seven year old boy as it was in real life.Its the two of us with a Bus in our school uniforms.Our adult heads on child sized bodies.

The artist is Brent Swart: .He is responsible for the Park Acoustic Posters. The Cake was then inspired by the Invitation. We were very happy with the outcome;)

Claire and Ross Wedding Invite

Ross grew up to be a very humble bloke with a great sense of humour just so you know his character.He proposed when we were in Mozambique in May 2012. I was so flabbergasted that I got terribly ill, leading to a barman named John holding my hair up for me. Combination of shock and prawn cakes. Very romantic.

We were very fortunate to have the venue of the Wedding, which is in Magaliesburg at Nullarbor Cottages, given to us for free. The property belongs to Ross’ Parents Des and Jenny. Thank you guys!

We used spray painted helicopters as confetti and had wire stars with Ribbons placed in the tree where the Ceremony was held. The weather was overcast for most part of the “big” day but when it was time the sun came out and the light shone perfectly through the trees giving a golden light, not a golden shower.

My Father Peter did the ceremony and the sermon was very beautiful. It was a highlight for my papsicle to have married us.

Wedding Photography by Bronwyn

We drove up to the main reception on a 4 -wheeler with tins on a string. We had a friend by the name of Hanco playing an acoustic set with vocals at main reception – there was a little stoep that was used for the stage that had a nice view of some mountain range in the distance. It sounded lovely . My first and most important care was music.  Hanco was then proceeded by “Late Night Fox”  – We were very fortunate to have sound pixels everywhere in the air. We walked down the aisle to Little Dragon- “Twice”

First dance was to the The Pierces- “We Are Stars.” A friend had introduced the song one night at her house and we both fell in love with it. Thank you Bronwyn!;)

Quirky wedding photographer

Our photographer did a great Job – making every moment fun and relaxing. We used Potjie Palace for their stunning food – really down to earth smiley people. With regards to decor we were very simplistic and tried to make everything ourselves. I really tried to be on the cheapo side as the wedding industry is so over priced. We didn’t do flowers but only bouquets:Protea’s and wrapped it in lace trimmings. I think my brides maids and I did a good job for never doing it before.

Unfortunately the bouquet was a like a weapon , when it was tossed it flew quite a distance but landed safely. If one had to catch it , it may have given someone a blue face, we used a bow tie for the garter.

We did follow quite a few guidelines of a normal wedding but really tried to make it as personal as possible. At the venue there was a lot of freedom and space to do anything really, every week drawing closer to the day I would make extra work for myself on some angle. My brides maids were slave drivers that weekend and I just want to tell you I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Annelda and Kerry… I appreciate you guys so much for all the stress and fuss. A lot of people were involved in making this day happen –  Ross and I are such fortunate People.

To love and be loved in return is one of the greatest gifts.


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