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Chivinge Family’s Autumn Shoot in the Park | Family Photography

Fun Family Photo Shoot JohannesburgThe Chivinge family are my lovely neighbours who had recently been joined by their newest family member, Kunashe. It was Autumn so we had some beautiful shades of orange, brown and red for our shoot.

Kunashe’s big brother Taku struggled a little to smile for the camera at first. I suppose it gets a little confusing to a three year old after the 10th ‘SMILE’! – So we spent some time playing in the autumn leaves, throwing them in the air, which cheered him – and everyone else up somewhat! The shoot went smoothly after that, and we got some beautiful natural and fun family pics with warm Autum tones!

Outdoor family photo shoot Johannesburg

Family Photography

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Family Photography by : Sigrun Wagner

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The Pillay Family, a fun family pajama photo shoot! | Family Photography

Fun Family Photo Shoot

 I was really happy when mom called me with the idea of doing a family pajama photo shoot at one of my favourite venues. It’s such a fantastic and unique idea i just knew the photos were going to be gorgeous.

It was a really relaxed and fun shoot. The Pillay family were able to relax, be themselves and play around naturally, until the kids finished off with a pillow fight, LOL!

Fun family photoshoot

The Pajama shoot was such a great idea because it really lets a family snuggle up with each other naturally get close and comfy with everyone, and that family closeness definitely shows in the photos!

Family Photography by: Sigrun Wagner
cell: +27(0)72 505 5209

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