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Newborn photography by Sigrun Engelen

Newborn photography by Sigrun Engelen

Newborn shoots are typically shot within the first 15 days of baby’s life. The shoot takes place at your home, where you and baby are in your comfort zones.

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For more info on newborn photo shoots, vouchers and bookings, contact me:

Sigrun Engelen

cell: +27(0)72 505 5209

Questions answered on newborn photography | by Heart and Soul Photography

Newborn Photography by Sigrun Engelen

Contact: Sigrun Engelen

cell: +27(0)72 505 5209

Since the birth of my son, I have fallen in love with newborn photography. There is something so special about a little baby that is only a few hours or days old. This time is so incredibly fleeting and there is such a limited time that you can only count your child’s age in days!

When do I book the newborn shoot?

Some of the newborn poses are only possible in the first few weeks; up to 15 days, maybe 20 days at a push. The first 10 days are really ideal. Many moms are not aware of the fact that you need to book your newborn shoot during this very early period, meaning you want to book the shoot while you are still pregnant.

Babies spend most of their time sleeping during these early days and they are easily posed into positions similar to how they were positioned when in the womb. After two weeks they get more alert, stronger, easily stimulated and very interested in their surroundings, especially if something is happening that is outside of their routine.

Fourways Newborn Photographer

Will the newborn shoot take place at home or in studio?

From my own experience when my son was born, I was horrified at the thought of leaving the house in the first two weeks! Many moms tend to spend the first month or so at home with limited visitors, never mind the fact that moms can’t drive for the first 4 – 6 weeks after a C-section.

I found the thought incredibly daunting, not knowing what to take with me, the thought of leaving something important behind, whether there will be a place to breastfeed, change nappies etc. It was for this reason that I decided to offer new born photo shoots at your home, so you are in your comfort zone, with everything around that you might need for any given circumstance. If your preference is to come to the studio, this can also be arranged, but I find that most parents would prefer to stay at home for the duration of the session.

Bryanston newborn photographer

How long is a newborn shoot?

The new born package is for 2-3 hours. The time your shoot will take is actually really up to baby. If the baby is a good sleeper, the shoot can easily be done in around 2 hours. If baby is older or a little niggly, we spend a lot of the time feeding, soothing, rocking, changing and well… pretty much doing whatever it is that baby needs at the time.

Fourways Gardens Photographer

Are mom and dad able to join the photo shoot?

Yes. I usually split the photo session up into two sections: A few posed shots and then also a family session. Everyone is welcome, granny and grandpa too if they happen to be present, siblings and of course furry babies if they are part of your family!

newborn baby photos with pets

What do I need to do to prepare for my photo shoot?

Once you have booked your session with me, I send you a detailed document with preparation notes for the photo shoot.

Sandton newborn baby photos

My baby is older, can I still book a photo shoot or is it too late?

The newborn package is really up to around the age of 3 weeks, but this does not mean you can’t book a photo shoot if you missed this period and baby is older. There are many reasons and circumstances that can cause you to miss this period, even if you were planning it way in advance.

Babies are sometimes born premature; they can suffer from jaundice etc. This may mean they will be in hospital a little longer than planned, but this doesn’t mean you have to cancel your photo session. It just means we change things up a little. If baby is older (in other words between 3 weeks and 2 months) – we do a more natural style of photos: snuggling with mommy, daddy & siblings, hands and feet, as well as awake photos with baby on the bed etc. We do usually get a few posed photos in as well.

Newborn Photography

I really love seeing the little ones grow up. These days I often get booked for a new born session where the once week old baby is now the older sibling, holding their little brother or sister in their arms.

H&S Newborn Photography Package
Your newborn photo session package includes

– 2-3 hour Newborn shoot in the comfort of your own home
– 40-50 high res edited Newborn photos on DVD
– travel of up to 20km’s included

 Contact me if you have any more questions or want to book me for your newborn photo shoot:

Sigrun Engelen

cell: +27(0)72 505 5209

Beautiful Baby Mia’s Newborn Shoot | Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn Photo Shoot Sandton

This newborn photo session was probably one of my favourites yet. This little lady was so well behaved and slept so nicely, we breezed through this shoot. I had a bunch of new hats and beanies to try out, so it was excellent to have such a good little sleeper to have some fun with!Newborn Photography at home

Newborn baby photos with props

Maternity and newborn photo shoot

Book me for your newborn photo shoot:

Sigrun Engelen

cell: +27(0)72 505 5209

Sweet little Luc, 11 Days Young | Newborn Photography

Maternity and Newborn Photographer Johannesburg

I  had the great pleasure of Photographing this sweet little baby boy this January. I got completely carried away with this newborn shoot and loved every second of it, so i thought it fitting for it to be the first shoot to (re)start my blog with!

Sweet little Luc was 11 days young at the time, and was so content he happily slept through the photo shoot and goings on around him. His mom has such a calm and serene energy, i am sure that is where he gets it from!

‘It’s the little things that make life Wonderful’

Maternity photography by: Sigrun Wagner
cell: +27(0)72 505 5209

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