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Bronwyn Stewart

IMG_4177 I just love making beautiful pictures, this is my passion, my inspiration, my life, my heart and soul if you will!!

I am a South African based Photographer specialising in Boudoir and Pin-Up Photography.

I love shooting with natural light and will and will always try push the boundaries with regard to that, as there is nothing more beautiful, sensual and simply sublime as natural light, I’m in love with  it’s twists and turns, after all photography is about painting with light. I do so love boudoir and even more so the vintage style,of old Hollywood glamour. I also adore Pin-Up Photography, it’s whimsical, fun, and of course sexy.

My love affair with photography started 20 years ago. I bought my first SLR then, and so began my journey, I immersed myself in everything photographic and bought every photography book, magazine and literature  I could get my hands on. I took loads of pictures, experimented and pushed myself creatively. I knew then that I had found my passion. I went on to study photography full time,  and I  finished top of  my class and received a diploma in photography, and as they say the rest is history.  My style can best be described as candid, whimsical and inspired with vintage twist, somehow the vintage always comes through.

Sigrun Engelen (Wagner)    Eternal adventurer, passionate traveller, mother & photographer in Johannesburg. Living life through my lens and loving it – do it with passion, or not at all! 🙂 

Sigrun Wagner PhotographerI have been taking photos ever since I can remember! In my life, travel has always been the absolute passion and priority, and with that came photography – of beautiful things, beautiful people and beautiful places!

I love anything original or on the unusual side, creating and styling a beautiful scene and telling a story. On location styled and themed shoots are my thing. I do love anything and everything vintage, so whether it be a pin-up or rockabilly shoot, a vintage 1920’s shoot, a moody forest fantasy shoot, or something your own that you have a passion for – I would like to create that for you, with all the beautiful extra’s to make your photo shoot a special experience. Tell me your theme and I will source everything from the location to the costumes and props, researching the make-up and hairstyles and finding the right person to do these for you! I find that the setting and theme along with costumes, make-up and hair really creates something exciting and lets people really relax into their role and have fun with it. I love a challenge in terms of creative photography and editing – whether it be levitation photography, flying magic carpet shots – I will figure it out!

On another note, newborn photography is something I have been leaning towards and getting more passionate about since the birth of my own son who is now 3 years old. He was my first newborn shoot and  it was an incredibly daunting experience at the time, which is one of the reasons I visit mothers at their home for newborn shoots. I firmly believe in mom and baby being at home in their comfort zone for the shoot. It is something i have really started enjoying over the last few years. I love spending the time snuggling with the little beans when they are only a few days old.

I have known Bronwyn for a number of years and we have been working together for over four years now. We understand each other’s passion and I absolutely love working with her – we are good friends, we work well together and have grown a lot since we started following our hearts!

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